Mar 24, 2011

14th March, 2011.
E-infinity communication No. 81
One road to quantum gravity and E-infinity as a transfinite social network
Lee Smolin wrote a nice little book some time ago entitled Three Roads to Quantum Gravity. We discussed this book in an earlier communication where Smolin touched upon and really only touched upon fractal spacetime.
In the present very short communication we propose to reduce the number 3 of Smolin to only 1. In our opinion there is only one road to quantum gravity. This road is based upon the skeleton of a very old idea namely that of a network. Such a network may be for all we know the same network of a small world or even Lee Smolin’s favorite approach of loop quantum gravity. However to be the one and only road such a network must be a self similar grid. In addition this grid must have an element of randomness. When the reader ponders these basic requirements he or she will immediately realize the equivalence of E-infinity theory of Mohamed El Naschie with that of a transfinite social network. Incidentally this is not a new insight. It is only a neglected relatively old insight of El Naschie about which he wrote a paper or two in Prof. Ji-Huan He’s journal. Thus we may recall the following article which the reader may find quite useful: M.S. El Naschie: Transfinite electrical networks, spinoral varieties and gravity Q bits. Int. J. of Nonlinear Sci. & Numerical Simulation, 5(3), (2004), pp. 191-197.
In conclusion it should be noted that the American engineering scientist A.H. Zemanian seems t be the first to propose transfinite networks in electrical engineering and wrote many excellent papers on the subject. In fact Zemanian was in direct contact with El Naschie discussing this exceedingly interesting subject and in view of the events in the Middle East revolutions is also timely because of the role played by social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
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