Mar 2, 2011

Cobordism in E-infinity and negative (anti)space

27th February, 2011
E-infinity Communication No. 78

Cobordism in E-infinity and negative (anti)space

In this communication we draw attention to an important mathematical-physical note by Prof. Ji-Huan He regarding anti space and the empty set in quantum set theory. The paper was published in 2010 (copy attached) in the Int. Journal of Nonlinear Sci. & Num. Simulation, No. 11(12), 2010, pp. 1093-1095. There are of course those notable scientists, some with distinguished titles and prizes who think that mathematics is not physics at this very deep level of the quantum world. To those we can only repeat the famous words of Vincent Price in some of his horror films “How wrong…., how terribly wrong!”

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