Mar 24, 2011

Quantum scale, small world and nanotechnology

23rd March, 2011.

E-infinity Communication No. 84

Quantum scale, small world and nanotechnology

The macro world is abound with an incredible diversity of shapes, chemical and physical properties of living and inanimate material forms each distinct from the other in almost infinite ways at least on the phenomenological level. However as our observational scale becomes tinier and we descend to the micro and quantum scale, this diversity becomes highly restricted. At the level of the smallest building blocks of nature, namely the so called elementary particles the only diversity left is that of mass, spin and electrical charge. At ultra high energy we are left in theory with nothing more than numbers of state-like particles or the dimension of global symmetries. For instance in one of the presently most popular theories of everything, the so called superstring theory, all that we know is that we have 496 massless indistinguishable gauge bosons.

The problems thrown up by quantum physics of the micro world are solved traditionally using classical lattices (you may think of the finite difference or finite element method used in engineering and called in physics Regge calculus). However a relatively recently deciphered phenomena in social sciences called small world introduced a new kind of random transfinite lattice similar to the E-infinity Cantorian spacetime proposed by Mohamed El Naschie. In fact a small world network is behind the incredible connectedness which we witnessed in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It is for instance shown in this theory that for a population as large as that of the earth we only need 24 friends for each chosen two people to reduce the entire population to one compact net. In such a net only two randomly chosen persons are connected through 6 people at most. This is what lies behind the by now very famous phrase of only six degrees of separation. Note that 2 + 24 = 26 and that this is the dimension of the bosonic string theory which is supposed to be a theory of nearly everything. Note also that the exact value of El Naschie’s transfinite version of string theory is 26.18033989 and 6.18033989.

In future communications we will dwell on the connection between nanotechnology, high energy physics and small world networks. It is argued that Nano drugs delivery could benefit from understanding the body as a small world so that side effects are drawn into the healing processes. The same applies to social problems and the breakdown of the social fabric in a political uprising for instance.

It is conjectured that singularity theory (catastrophe theory), deterministic chaos and transfinite small world networks could be used under the auspices of nanotechnology to change the world and solve problems hitherto thought to be unsolvable such as stock market crash, material complex hair cracks propagation, fluid fully developed turbulence, earthquake predictions and climate disasters forecast.

For literature on the subject the reader may consult the Prof. El Naschie’s homes pages at: and/or

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